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3 Reasons to Delay Postpartum Visitors

I meet a lot of new moms in my line of work. Of the stressors that come along with having a baby, dealing with visitors during the postpartum period is a universal one. New parents are excited to introduce their little ones to friends and family but often feel reluctant, intimidated, and pressured into it at the same time.

Even visits with trusted loved ones and well-meaning friends can be unnerving for new parents as they navigate the early, unpredictable newborn days. Sleep deprivation, pain, anxiety, and postnatal hormone fluctuations can add to what is intrinsically a demanding time. That fourth trimester is no joke.

Here are three reasons to consider delaying visitors in the first few days, weeks, or months after your baby’s birth. I hope these points help empower you to make the right decision for you and your family. Remember, your needs take priority.

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